Health & Safety

Safety is key

Nouveau Construction Group is passionate about health and safety. Our highest priority is ensuring the safety of all people we interact with. Our goal is to ensure that everyone returns home safely.

Health and safety statement

We are committed to providing sustainable building solutions and safe work practices that enhance the environment we live in. Waste minimisation and safe environmental work practices are a key focus on all of our projects.

We proactively look for innovative opportunities to minimise impact to the environment in the way we work, plan and build.

Measures put in place

Our health and safety management is effective in managing compliance and legislative requirements. We have developed tools and procedures, designed to avoid unsafe work practices.



Sustainability, waste minimisation management and ethical responsibility underpin our operations at Nouveau Construction. We proudly act in an environmentally and socially responsible manner to ensure our business both protects and considers future generations.

We believe due consideration must be given to the environment in everything we do. This includes how we manage our internal operations, in addition to how we control our construction sites, leaving a legacy, not an environmental disaster.



At Nouveau Construction, just ticking a box on safety isn’t good enough.  Our people deal with risks and hazardous situations every day, therefore it’s our job to ensure everyone is safe. It’s more than making it home safely every day, it’s about how safety is interweaved into everything we do.  It’s part of our genetic code and how we do things around here.

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